25yrs old. San Francisco, CA.

Visual learner.

Current Interests:
- taking action
- feline latte art
- smoking on the stoop
- Tchaikovsky
- Maria Bamford
- coffee, sugar, half & half
- Neutral Milk Hotel
- Fiona Apple
- 24hr diners
- Regina Spektor
- compassion and love

this ones for you

(Source: Spotify)

mariposa peligroso

dancing though an autumn air

in the gentle breeze of morning

I fell for you

that first morning

I woke up next to you

eyes closed, in dreams

the first kiss was strange and sudden

a clashing symphony

of red lipstick and finger tips

these same finger tips,

which found solace on your cheekbones


i just think it’s funny how it goes…

(Source: Spotify)